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As the first waves of techno and electronica crashed on the shores of America, Dutch was plugging his headphones in. During the early years of his Dj career he was influenced by both acid house music and the harder techno sounds coming from Europe. The combination of his love for various styles of music and smooth mixing skills, quickly propelled his career and after the release of his mix, "Excapades in Trance", Dutch was being booked across the USA.

In 1993, Dutch along with Dj Carlos and Christophe created the AREA 51 events. Attendance at these events topped 15,000 at "AREA 51 - Contact". These events allowed him freedom to be more creative with not only his music, but also the entire dance environment itself.

Creating each event theme and also performing the parties allowed Dutch to create the perfect setting for the music he truly wanted his audience to hear. The new sounds of the underground were breaking through around the world and Dutch became the lens that focused this new sound on San Francisco.

Around 1996 the psy-trance sound was being discovered around the world. Interested in the possibilities, Dutch began to seed this sound into each set. In 1999 while championing this new sound, Dutch joined with Mason Rothert, Jim Seagel, Brian McDonald and Brian Dobson in creating Thump Radio. It wasn't long before his infamous San Francisco (((Thump))) Parties were legend. Artists like Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, GMS, Atmos, Vibrasphere, Ticon, Sun Project
and Astral Projection, who had never performed in America, were welcomed on the (((Thump))) dance floor. (((THUMP))) soon became an important journey to North America for many trance artists and eventually paved the way for this new trance sound across the Americas.

Currently, Dutch enjoys many types of music but focuses on the sounds of techo and tech house. His dance floor DJ sets average 126-130 BPM and are comprised of highly refined techno & tech house. Melodic undertones coupled with hypnotic bass lines quickly distort time and space until
the next thing you know, his set is over. Dutch's latest endeavor is the Opulent Temple, a Burning Man camp and collaborative group of DJ's and friends who work all year for a 6 day party at the end of the Summer.

Breakfast in Bed 2011

Breakfast in Bed 2011